How to set custom title, header and puzzle appearance attributes for printing

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To set the custom title attributes on a puzzle; in the puzzle window, select the "Puzzle Print Settings" menu item in the "Edit" menu. Now select the "Puzzle Title" tab in the sheet that appears. Now you can type a custum title, select the font type and style, font color, alignment, and choose to underline the title.

To set the custom header attributes on a puzzle, select the "Puzzle Header" tab. Now you can type a custom header, select the font type and style, font color, and alignment for the puzzle.

To set the custom puzzle appearance, select the "Puzzle Appearance" tab.  Now you can select the puzzle color and word list color for the current puzzle. 

All of these settings will be used for this puzzle. If you save this puzzle, these settings will be saved with the puzzle.

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