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SimpleSpell is a collection of Real Studio Modules/Properties to add spell checking (with suggestions) to any Real Studio Project.  It utilizes any plain text dictionary (1 word per line).  The base dictionary that is included in the sample project is a Spell Checking Oriented Word List (SCOWL; 160,133 words).  The copyright information for this dictionary file is included with the sample project.  The goal for SimpleSpell was to create a simple, inexpensive method for adding cross-platform spell checking to any Real Studio Project.


  • No plugins, pure Real Studio Code
  • Fast checking engine with suggestions
  • Expandable/Customizable dictionary
  • Can create your own dictionaries
  • Complete cross-platform compatibility
  • Easy implementation into your projects


Purchasing a SimpleSpell license allows you to use SimpleSpell in any of your projects.  There are no additional license fees to build SimpleSpell into pay-for applications.

Current Version:    1.0.0
License Fee:   $20.00 
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For additional information, visit the SimpleSpell Documentation Page.